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all the results are stored in the database and exported to other formats, such as xhtml or pdf. moreover, the flow visualization allows engineers to perform the simulation of a hydraulic circuit while giving feedback on the performance of each component, as well as providing an analysis of the components that would not have been possible before.



automation studio provides several training tools that allow users to train and test new or existing operators for your hydraulic system on an unlimited number of inputs. these tools include instructional sequences, labels, and interactive jumpers. instructional sequences present step-by-step operators to perform mechanical, hydraulic, or environmental functions.

labels allow multiple choices to be presented to the user, and interactively moves the user to the position of choice. the user interface is more intuitive and user-friendly with the label tool than with the push button option.

the interactive jumpers tool is for testing your user interface. when user interacts the jumpers, the system displays the graphical representation of the flow, pressure, and temperature in your hydraulic system, allowing engineers to check and test their operators.

a company is running its daily operations successfully but if it is not equipped with a tool that allows the user to test the simulation efficiency of its components, then one cannot predict the level of automation the company would achieve. for the purposes of online services and the execution of automatic tasks, the hydraulic simulation tool is mandatory.

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