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St Hubert Bbq Chicken Seasoning Recipe

St-Hubert began selling its gravy in supermarkets across Quebec in 1965. The company also sells its barbecue sauce in the ready-to-serve format, desserts, seasonings, and frozen chicken in supermarkets.[6]

St Hubert Bbq Chicken Seasoning Recipe

I made a few modifications to this. I lifted the skin over the breasts, and added a slice of sweet onion, then prepared as written. It turned out VERY moist and flavorful; even the daughter who's not keen on chicken has asked for this again. Thanks for the recipe!

Doubled the recipe and coated 10 chicken boneless skinless thighs, cooked on BBQ & while it was resting topped it with a pad of butter, it was spectacular!!! You really can't go wrong, this is defiantly going on the make it again list.

In Nova Scotia some stores sell pork tavern ribs, which appear to be called button ribs or perhaps tip ribs elsewhere. They are meaty and have small flat bones. They are mostly meat so they are not as stiff as regular spareribs or baby back ribs, so it is harder to stand them up at the sides of the instant pot. I trimmed as much fat off as I could and rubbed them with Old Bay seasoning. I used a cup of water in the instant pot and put the ribs on the trivet leaning against the sides of the pot. I used the meat setting at 15 minutes and a natural release of 15 minutes. I then removed them and slathered them with chicken a rib BBQ sauce and heated them in a convection toaster oven for about 5 minutes at 350 degrees F. They were very tender and came off the bones easily and to my taste delicious. The broth left in the pot was really good and I will use it in another recipe.

This recipe is amazing. The seasonings and addition of cider vinegar just puts these ribs over the top. I have made this recipe exactly as written with great results. Today, I am about 9,000 feet above sea level so I am going to cook for 35 minutes. I am sure there is no way to mess these up. My hubby could eat these ribs every day!

Always loved to cook ... just not the clean-up, even though I clean/rinse as I go. But with no big family anymore, have kind of let some of it slide. Like, cheating with canned chicken for pie or dumplings? I even started a cookbook years ago ... with family recipes from as far back as the mid- to late-1800's. That's in the attic, too.

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