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[S9E9] A Matter Of Trust

In the Bunker, Kevin Tran finds a section of the angel tablet that's so obscure that it's as if Metatron wanted to keep it hidden from a prophet. Later, Kevin notices Sam's frequent disappearances. Castiel calls Dean to inform him that Malachi leads the Angel opposition, Castiel is once more an angel, and Ezekial died in the fall. Dean asks Kevin for a spell that would hobble an angel, so that one could speak to the vessel's owner without the residing angel listening in. Kevin uses the angel tablet and an old Men of Letters book to find a angel suppressing sigil which Kevin and Dean paint in the storeroom. Kevin knows Dean is withholding information, but trusts him anyway.

[S9E9] A Matter of Trust

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As they drive cross-country, Ezekiel takes over Sam again and tells Dean that Sam is improved and that it shouldn't take much longer to fully heal him. Dean isn't convinced but tells him to get on with it. The angel admits that he's uncomfortable with Dean taking Sam on any trip investigating a crime relating to angels. Dean points out that if he ignores it then Sam will become suspicious, and Ezekiel admits that he catches an occasional word of what Sam and Dean discusses. The angel releases his control of Sam, who carries on with their conversation about why the angels aren't doing much. He notices a road sign that shows the distance changed from the last sign he saw in a matter of seconds. Dean tries to dismiss it as part of the aftereffects of the trials, but Sam insists that there are times when he has blacked out.

Castiel tells Muriel how Metatron tricked him, and she reluctantly believes him. He insists that neither one of them want a part of the fanatics, and he prayed in the hope that the militants would dismiss him as a mere human. Muriel admits that Malachi the anarchist is leading the rebellion against Bartholomew, and both sides are rounding up the neutrals who don't pledge loyalty. Each side wants to overthrow Metatron and rule Heaven. Before Castiel can pursue the matter, Malachi and his bodyguard Theo break in.

Kevin finishes the ritual and creates an "ignition" sigil, and tells Dean that it will kick in once his blood touches it. He asks what is really going on, but Dean asks him to trust him. Dean then goes to get Sam, who has come back, and invites him to talk in the store room. Once they're inside, Dean activates the sigil and tells Sam that they can talk privately. He explains that he made a deal with an angel to save Sam, tricking Sam into letting him in. Sam is furious that Dean took away his decision, and Dean tells him that they can argue it out later. He explains that an imposter is in Sam's body and tells his brother to dump him now that he's well enough. Sam hesitates and then punches Dean unconscious, and then walks out.

After Negan takes a bath, Olivia leaves his cell gate open. However, instead of escaping, Negan just sits in his cell, gate open. Later on, Rick goes downstairs, and much to his shock, Negan is sitting inside his cell, while the door is open. Negan sarcastically welcomes him home. Rick reaches for his gun, only to be taunted by Negan about his leg and his "grandpa" appearance. Negan then questions Rick about the gun, since he could have easily sneaked behind and subdued Rick, but instead he decided to stay, as to make Rick trust him a little. He goes on and say that he could have booby-trapped the safe-zone, he could have started a fire in the house to kill Rick and Andrea while they're asleep or that he could have simply raped Andrea without anyone knowing. Much to Negan's surprise, Rick still says that nothing has changed and that he has no trust in Negan. Knowing that nothing he says will work, Negan proceeds to taunt Rick about the reason why he's keeping him here, only to prove to himself and no one else that he has mercy, and that he wants others to believe he's a good person and the only one who can fix the world.

Out of nowhere in the open field, Negan approaches towards Dwight and his fellow soldiers with a bag. Dwight commanded Magna to shoot him but she refuses. Since Negan is unarmed and seemingly poses no immediate threat, they agree to take him back to Rick. Negan tries to grab Lucille from Dwight's back, but Dwight doesn't let him. Negan teases him, asserting that he will prove his trustworthiness, and saying "You're going to fucking give her to me."

Later, Negan shows the head to Rick and Andrea, who are very hesitant to believe and trust him. Negan reassures them that he only wants trust. He says Rick's way of thinking is inspiring. He says he could've taken several chances and attacked Rick, but he didn't. He wants to fight with him, not against him. Rick finally agrees to let Negan out of the cell, but not in a community. He is going to be monitored for a long time and will fight in the front lines against the Whisperers. Negan is later present when the group discuss where to station themselves.

The Boys encounter an old enemy when they go on a mission to a psych ward only to run into Lamplighter. We get some reveal of our pal Frenchy and just how he got to be the most creative super killer of the Boys. Stormfront comes clean about her history and we have to ask, does Homelander trust her?

Your sister disappearing is scary enough, but trusting a vampire?! It should be downright frightening...but you find yourself falling for this mysterious doctor. Can you really trust the monster who captured your heart?

You and Diego have grown closer, but the ghosts of his past haunt his every step. When his secrets come back to ensnare him, you find yourself entangled in the twisted web as well! Will you and Diego learn to trust each other completely, or will these secrets strangle your love?

On the run from Dracula, you make a fast getaway with Diego across the country to the sunny beaches of LA! For a while you forget your worries and enjoy a rare moment of peace with your love, but you can't shake the feeling that there's no true escape, no matter hiw far the two of you go. When things get desperate, what will it take for you to survive the darkest night?

Diego has turned you into a vampire! You're excited to start the next chapter of your lives together but Diego is more worried than ever before. Can you prove to him that your love is unchanged and eternal, no matter what stands in your way?

Robert: What the fuck was that?Louis: It was us doing what we had to. Robert: Yeah, and that bullshit might work on everyone else, but it doesn't work on me. Louis: Robert. Robert: Damn it, Louis. You were supposed to be on their side. Louis: Listen to me, I know how this looks, but you are going to have to trust us. Robert: That's getting pretty hard to do. After that little stunt with Mike, Samantha's only move is to stop this thing, unless you can tell me...Louis: No, she can't do that. Robert: Well Louis, it sounds like you give a shit what we do after all, so fix this god damn thing, or I'm going to fix it myself.

Harvey: Donna, listen to me. I know you called Mike because you know I needed him. For a couple of hours, I wasn't thinking about the case or tomorrow or even how much I miss my mom. You gave me what I needed, but it's time for me to win this thing. Donna: You know, I never told you how many times I thought about us being together over the years. I was usually nights like tonight where I didn't know if things were going to turn out okay, but I knew. It doesn't matter if it's Faye or Tanner or Hardman or Goliath, whoever it is, no one stands a chance against Harvey Specter, and that's the sexiest thing in the world. Harvey: What are you saying? Donna: I'm saying that we should go in there and earn you the best night sleep you ever had.

Dr. Chen (Ming-Na) is flooded with teary memories when a baby is abandoned inside the E.R. and Pratt takes matters into his own hands when his luckless brother Leon (guest star Marcello Thedford) is fired from his menial job.

Aram is in a New York State of mind, taking in the sites as he rides around town on his trusty bike when he sees Reddington across the street getting into a cab and driving away. Moments later an explosion rocks a building nearby that just so happens to be the Chinese consulate and season 10 is off and running. Aram will appear off and on this season but is no longer a series regular.

Which leads us to Red this week who is having a few family matters of his own. When a recent visit with Agnes to play some games becomes a game of 20 questions, Red goes on a quest to find out how Agnes could know as much as she does about him. This leads him to find out that Dembe may have given Liz the letter right before she died. Red now needs Dr. Roberta to help him decide if he can forgive or put a bullet in Dembe's head.

The concept of Remake This Movie Right! was born out of Hollywood's obsession to remake every freaking movie from Aaron's and my childhood and completely RUIN it. We got the braintrust together to tell Hollywood how these movies SHOULD BE remade for a modern audience, literally how to Remake These Movies Right! 041b061a72

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