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No Nonsense Muscle Building Ebook Downloadl _TOP_

When it comes to bodybuilding books, you've got plenty of options. Do a search for "bodybuilding" under books on Amazon, and you're slammed with more than 50,000 results. Add in a search on "muscle-building books," and the site tacks on another 7,000 choices.

No Nonsense Muscle Building Ebook Downloadl


Most books on bodybuilding focus on just building more muscle. But if you want to transition from packing on mass in the gym to showing off muscle on stage, you'll need more targeted advice. Competing bodybuilders need to build muscle, of course, but they also need to know how to lose fat before competition without losing muscle. They need to know when to build, and when to cut. They need to know how to pose properly. And they need to know about a zillion other things that even the most massive people in the gym haven't thought of.

If you read an article about a "recent study" on how many sets or reps are needed to build muscle, or which rest periods are best for packing on mass, chances are the study was done by Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, CSCS. The Lehman College associate professor of exercise science seems to publish a new study on hypertrophy (building muscle mass) almost every month, adding to his resume of more than 200 publications on the topic.

When you buy a bodybuilding book, you're really buying the author's expertise. Some of the books above, like those by Schoenfeld and Contreras, are written by PhDs who publish scientific articles and are among the leading researchers in their fields. Others are written by strength coaches who have helped train and build some of the most athletic bodies in the world.Make sure the author's expertise aligns with what you want to accomplish: If you're looking for a book on competing in a bodybuilding show, make sure the author has coached others and/or themselves to that level. If you're looking to build muscle while you're on a busy schedule, make sure the author does that as a coach. Give each author a quick search to see how they coach, what they've researched and that their credentials match your expectations.

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