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He walked through his apartment complex to the house next door where Barbara lived. Sometimes he'd find her out front gardening but not today. Warren knocked on the door. He felt the speedo ride up his crack while he waited.

mature next door

Warren went out the back door and flipped his sandals off. He could feel the mid-July sun on his face. Warren dipped his feet warily in the pool. He turned his head when he heard Barbara was at the back door. She came out when she saw him looking.

Barbara apologized the next time he was over there for her behavior in the pool. They continued to swim and catch some sun together through the week. Nothing changed until the following week when Warren went over there one day. It was the hottest day yet. He knocked on the door to Barbara's house and she shouted, "Come on in!"

Warren opened the door and stepped inside. If possible, it seemed even warmer inside than out. Warren was used to entering Barbara's house and immediately being met by cool air. He called out to her, "Is something wrong with the air?"

Warren grabbed a bowl from one of the cabinets and filled it with ice like she said. He walked through the hallway to her bedroom and found the door ajar. Warren poked it open and then promptly shut it. "Sorry, I didn't mean to, ma'am!"

Warren turned the knob on the door. He walked into her bedroom, obviously flustered. Warren stood by the door trying not to look at her uncovered body. "That ice is liable to melt if you don't stop playing around and get over here," she told him in a matter-of-fact way. The second Warren got close enough, Barbara grabbed him and pulled him down on the bed. Warren sat there nervously. He kept his eyes facing away from her.

"I said we could go back to my house," he told her. Warren still had his eyes facing toward the door. In his peripheral vision he could see her panties... and the bulge growing in it as she continued to use the ice on him.

Warren took in her body. The heat had left the upper half of her body that he could see in a thin layer of sweat. His eyes nearly bugged out as they zeroed in on her huge, mature breasts. They heaved softly on her chest with her breathing. Warren tried to look away yet he couldn't. He could feel his heart thump as he ran the cube of ice along her stomach and then switched to her arms. Barbara's eyes were closed. Her full, womanly lips opened to moan. When the hunk of ice in his hand had melted, he took another and continued.

"Oh dear," she told him somberly. Barbara sat down next to him on the couch and looked into the full glass. "It's so fresh. It won't be for long. A woman's seed is most potent the more fresh it is. Are you sure you don't want to give it a try? I've had a lot of compliments on my semen quality over the years. Just look at it." She tipped the glass closer to him. Her cum slid against the rim inches from his lips.

This story begins when I was a Senior in school. I was your typical 18 year old . I loved to go to parties and like every kid my age, I tried to get laid. I never was successful, so I had to resort to looking at dirty pictures in a magazine and jacking off. Life was unfair, but when our new neighbor's moved in, my life was about to change. The family consisted of Mom and Dad and one little guy of 3. Mom's name was Barbra and as I learned later, she was 41. Her hair was long and blonde. She was 5'9" and to a kid my age her body was flawless. She made a sweater stick out with her breasts and her legs were long and shapely. The kind of legs you could imagine wrapped around you, as you pounded your cock into her hot pussy. I now had a real live sexy woman to dream of as I jacked off. Barbra and I became friends and she got to a point where she trusted me to look after her son Luke, when they went out. I took my sitting serious and took good care of him. Barbra could tell and one time when she paid and thanked me, she kissed me on the lip's. That kiss set hormones into action. The result, a hard cock that needed relief. When I got home, I went straight to my room and as I ran my tongue over my lip's to taste her lipstick, I fucked my cock with my hand and exploded my cum all over me. I never experienced a cumming like that before. She had sure excited me. If you can remember how it was to be young, you know that if something this exciting happened to you, you would quickly share it with your closest friends. For what ever reason, I didn't. If anything was going to happen between Mrs. Marx and me, it was going to stay that way. I soon found myself spending more time around Barbra, offering to sit for Luke whenever she needed me to. Her husband worked swing shift at a nearby mine and was lazy when it came to yard work and home repair. I offered my services for both, just to see her more often. She in turn was getting more accustomed to seeing me around and would at times let her guard down. I got to see some more of her hot body during this time, which required me to jack off more often. Life was getting better and better all the time. As I was sitting for Luke one night, I needed to use the bathroom. Instead of going upstairs, I used the one off of Barbra's bedroom. While I was in there, I don't know what made me look in the hamper, but was I happy I did. I believe this is when my love affair with women's lingerie got started. It lives to this day. I found panties, nylons, garters and a sexy sheer nightie. I could only imagine how sexy Mrs. Marx looked as she wore these sexy items. I took a pair of her panties and held them to my face. They were still damp and the scent was very stimulating to me. I tasted the dampness and right there I knew I needed to jack off. I wrapped a nylon stocking around my cock and started to jack off. I licked and sniffed her panty and soon I deposited a load of cum into her nylon's. Oh... what a feeling! I decided to take a pair of panties and nylon's home to use, never thinking she might miss them. When they got home, Barbra's husband went right to bed, having drank to much. She in turn had only a little, but enough to loosen her up. As I got up to leave, she said, "stay awhile Dave." I sat back down and it was only then that I realized how Barbra was dressed. She had on a short skirt, a sexy satin blouse and nylon's. She sat in a chair across from me and asked how Luke behaved. I tried to concentrate and look her in the eyes, as I told her, but my gaze kept going to the area around her thighs. Her skirt had moved up and I could see where her stockings ended and as she would shift, I could see her panties. I think she knew what she was doing and was giving me a peek show. As I got up to leave, I'm sure she had to see the effect her show had on my cock. In fact the way she smiled at me, I knew. She got some money out of her purse and as she handed it to me, she kissed me again and said, "you better go home and take care of that problem. "I was a little embarrassed, but I managed to smile and said, "goodnight Mrs. Marx" and I did just that. I had the lingerie I took from her hamper and I put it to good use that night. It was Saturday morning and for Barbra it was laundry day. As she collected the clothes from her hamper, she noticed the big stain on a pair of her nylon's. She brought the stain to her nose and instantly she new what caused it and who. I was had. She wasn't mad, in fact it got her excited. Remembering the bulge in my pants from last night, she got a wicked smile on her face and a wet feeling between her own leg's. She also noticed that a few items were missing. That is when she started her plan of seduction. Over the next month, I did plenty of sitting for Luke. I gave up a lot of my social life and my friends were razzing me. I told them, "the Marx'es paid good and along with my other yard job's, I was saving up to get my own wheels. "I wouldn't risk what I had going with Mrs. Marx. It seemed to me that Barbra was now flirting with me, even when her husband Dale was around. She would do things like, touch me more, would hug me tighter and her kisses goodnight were longer. She dressed in clothes that were sexier and more revealing when Dale was a work. All this worked on me and I seemed to have a constant hard on around Barbra. Even the panties in her hamper seemed to be moister. I would find out later that she knew what I did in there and that she would finger herself to get them full of pussy juice for me. I also started comming over with no underwear on, so I could put on and wear a pair of her used ones while I sat for Luke and then I would wear them home. I guess you can tell by now that I'm stuck on this very sexy, beautiful, alluring married woman. In fact, I would do anything for her. I guess you can tell that I'm also a virgin. Thoughts of fucking this woman, filled my mind and cock constantly. I would think, maybe I should try something, but the fear of screwing everything up stopped me. If nothing went farther then the way it is now, I was happy. After all, I had this hot married woman who flirted with me and gave me plenty of images to jack off to and the lingerie to use while I did. Unknown to me, life was going to change. Barbra asked me, "can you watch Luke for me on Saturday Dave. Dale has midnight shift and I need to go to a baby shower. "I said, "I sure can Mrs. Marx. What time should I be here. ""I need to be there at 8, so come over around 6:30 to watch Luke while I get ready. ""I'll be here then," I told her. When I got there, Barbra had waited to shower, cause Luke was still up. I was sitting on the couch, reading a story to Luke when Barbra came out of the shower. I couldn't believe my eyes. The bedroom door was opened slightly and the image that bounced to me via the mirror was a very naked Mrs. Marx. Here was the woman I idolized and fantasized about, drying herself off in full view of me. I prayed she wouldn't notice the door opening. As she finished drying she sat down at the table with the mirror. My cock was growing hard and I started to rub it through my pants. Luke had fallen asleep so I carried him to bed. When I got back, Whew... the door was still ajar. Barbra called out, "is everything okay, is Luke there. "I told her I had just put him to bed. "I'll be out soon, just make yourself comfortable. Find something to watch on TV." I choked out, "I found a good show to watch." She smiled, "Great, I hope you enjoy it." Barbra took some cream from a jar and started to rub it into those beautiful breasts. Her nipples were hard and so was my cock. She continued to rub the cream over her entire body. As she rubbed between her legs she spent more time sliding her finger in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were closed and I could hear a slight moaning sound. I stood up a lowered my pants, so I could rub my cock through Barbra's panties I had on. Oh... shit... what she was doing to me. When she finished creaming, she started to apply her makeup and brush her hair. She had a nice tan and believe me, she didn't need much makeup. She did her eyes and then put on that great tasting lipstick. I've seen pictures in magazines of men who were getting sucked off by woman with lipstick on and how fucking hot it looked as those red lips wrapped around a hard cock. Oh well, back to reality. She got up and left my sight for a bit as she went to her drawers to get out her things. Soon she was back. "How's the show your watching Dave.""It's getting better and better," I told her. "That's good" she said, "I'll be out soon." As I stroked my cock, she slid her black garter on and then pulled up her panty. Next she started to slide her black nylons up her legs and snap them to the garter. First one leg then the other. After she had them on and smoothed out, she put on her bra. Even when it was on, I could see her nipples through the sheer material. As she stood there in front of the mirror, she looked stunning. I must of been moaning because she asked smiling, "Is everything alright.""Yes," I answered, "the show was just getting exciting." She said, "Good, I'm glad your enjoying it. I'm almost dressed." She slid into her dress, but had trouble zipping up the back. Seemed it got stuck in the material. She called, "Could you come in here for a minute and give me a hand with my zipper. It seems to be stuck.""Be right there," I said. I got up, pulled my pants up and went to her aid. I opened the door and walked in. She was even more alluring in the bedroom light and the scent from her cologne was exciting. I moved up behind her and worked the zipper free and finished zipping her dress up. As I looked up and into the mirror, Barbra was smiling. Then I noticed, I could see where I was sitting on the couch. Oh... . Damm... , I could see her, but she could also see what I was doing. I got all red and embarrassed and started to cower out of the room. Mrs. Marx grabbed my arm and said, "don't go, sit down on the bed. I have a confession to make." "I've planned this whole evening for a long time Dave. I've seen how you looked at me and how your cock would get hard in your pants. I also know how you've been using the lingerie in my hamper to masturbate. I found the stains on my stockings. I even know you would take some lingerie home to use. That's alright, I'm not mad. I'm flattered. Did you think of me when you played with yourself.""Oh... Uh... .""Come on Dave, you can tell me. I told you I'm not mad, actually I'm turned on by all this. Can't you tell by now, the way I planned this night, the show I put on for you. I wanted to get you so horny... , that you couldn't help yourself and would want to fuck me. The way you were playing with your cock, I hope I succeeded. So come on now and tell Barbra what your thinking and feeling." "Oh... Yes... Barbra, I think about you always. When I'm jacking off and I got a pair of your panties to my face and your nylons wrapped around my throbbing cock, I fantasize that I'm fucking you. I love the taste and scent from your pussy.""Have you noticed lately, that the panties you find to use, are moister then usual.""I've noticed." I said. "That's because, I would get them nice and soaked with my cunt juices just before you would come over." I blurted out, "I've never been with a woman, Barbra, teach me. Show me how to make love to a woman, not just fuck her." Barbra took the time to tell me many things and then she said, "enough talk, stand up and take your clothes off. I want to see what pair of my panties you have on." I stood and removed my clothes, except for the black panties I wore. My cock was straining to get out, so Barbra lowered the panties and let my cock spring free. "Oh... It's bigger then I thought. You have a nice cock Dave. It's going to feel so... good... having it fucking my pussy." She stroked it a few times, then stood up a gave me the hottest kiss I've ever experienced. Necking with the young girls at parties, would never come close to comparing with this. As we kissed and hugged, my hands went to the zipper on her dress, but I hesitated. "Don't stop," she said. I continued lowering the zipper. When it was down, I backed up a little and slid the dress off that gorgeous body and let it fall to the floor. Following what she had told me, I started kissing and licking my way down her body. I sucked and nibbled on her now hard nipples. I then lowered her down to the bed, her feet still on the floor and as I caressed her tits, my tongue worked it's way down. I must be doing something right I thought, her moaning was getting louder. I licked my way around her belly button and then lowered my head and started to lick her pussy through the silken material of her panties. Barbra's panties were already wet and the familiar taste and scent of her pussy juice excited me so... and I wanted more. I pulled her panties off with Barbra's help and stuck my tongue right into heaven. Her body was squirming, she was moaning and she was screaming at me to suck her cunt. I found her clit and sucked it with my lips, as my tongue licked it up and down. "Oh... Fuck... Dave, don't stop what your doing. Keep licking, keep sucking my clit, sweetie, Oh... Yeah... Oh... God... I'm going to cum, Oh... I'm cumming Dave, taste me sweetie, I'm cumming." Her body rose up to meet my licking and her legs wrapped around my back. Her clit was so sensitive now, she pulled it away. I felt so good. I was able to please a woman, a married woman with my mouth. Me, someone who's never gotten this far in his entire life. I was still a virgin, but not for long. Mrs. Marx pulled me on to the bed. "what a job you did on my pussy with your mouth. You had me moaning and screaming and shaking like never before. I've never had my pussy sucked like that. "I will return the favor and suck your cock good," Barbra said, "but right now I need you to fuck me." I climbed between those sexy legs and as I lowered myself down, Barbra guided my cock to the lips of her pussy. Her lips parted and I was in a cunt for the first time. Wow... what a feeling. It was so tight and wet and warm and I buried my cock up to my balls. I was moaning and telling her how great her pussy felt. I knew I wouldn't last long and she sensed it to. "Fuck me sweetie, I want to feel your cum inside me.""Oh... Oh... I'm going to cum, I can't hold it, Oh... Shit, It's cumming," and I rammed my cock in as far as it would go and shot load after load of cum into her hot cunt. She in turn grabbed my as and pulled me down to her and moaned, "don't stop now Dave, I'm cumming with you baby, oh... fuck... yeah... I'm cumming, Oh... yeah...!"She wrapped those nylon covered legs around me and we came down from our high slowly. We were now kissing and I continued to caress her breasts. "Oh Dave you did great." 041b061a72

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