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Subtitle Nailbiter UPDATED

As you may have heard, Pennyworth has a new subtitle this season. As the DC prequel series moves from Epix to HBO Max for its upcoming season 3, it also now sports the full title of Pennyworth: The Origins of Batman's Butler.

subtitle Nailbiter

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But the subtitle -- "A Baseball Christmas Story" -- has us wondering: Is Sabathia's tome more of a baseball book or a Christmas book? And if you ask, "Why must we choose?" the answer is because life is full of difficult choices.

Sterritt *** A war-weary warrior, a legendary sword, a restless and romantic young girl, and a rascally bandit are among the main characters of this ambitious epic. But the movie's real interest lies in a series of fighting scenes that veer between comic-book violence and cinematic ballet. The film may be too talky for action-minded viewers and too fantastic for more serious spectators, but it brings appealing twists - including a feminist sensibility - to the venerable martial-arts genre. In Mandarin with English subtitles 041b061a72


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