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I had Laso, enemy hero had Relocate and few seconds before he was about to relocate back i caught him in Laso and prevent him from relocating. Then he started saying that it is a bug because the animation happen but he was stuck in Laso next to me.

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Hello,It's my first bug report.I can't upload demos, because not available for my home PC now, but I can tell you how to do. Funniest bug ever I seen:1. Pick Treant's ultimate + aghanim -> place wisp on any tree -> ask enemy or teammate to place chronosphere on wisped tree.Congratulations! Now you have free wisp and you can control it. Wisp is now allowed for building standard tree's, but buildings without any tool tips/creeps/upgrades, only shop.Hint: the main tree is the best barricade. 2. I don't really know how to release this bug:Pick Tiny's ultimate > buy aghanim and place it in courier (here drop and take or some another manipulations)... Congratulations! Now your tiny(only tiny hero) is now have all(!)ALL 1lvl passive skills. 3. Here's the map asked for report this ?bug?:BO+ needs or not...Acid + witchcraft + rearm + multicast (+Talon Queen passive #3) at 18lvl the map starting to spam message "some of shit happened, please bugreport" or smth. I noticed that it happens only with this pick (Acid + witchcraft + rearm + multicast ). Also, it's really very OP.I can upload demo's later if needs, but I think this instructions is all you need.

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Terms of Use and PrivacyThe Society for Military History's Website Terms of Use governs all use of the website and all content, services and products available at of through the website. Additional information may be found in the SMH Privacy Policy.

There are several motives and methods that hackers have for attacking your website. For instance, cyber criminals may launch malicious attacks on your website to change content or even change the ownership of your website. Sounds scary, right? Not only do you lose control of your own website, but your account information can also be changed.

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