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[S3E5] Ander

This is the extended content of the conversation between Phil Sanders and David Krut. After the formal presentation ended, Master Printers Randy Hemminghaus and Jill Ross joined in the conversation on the nature of collaboration, risk taking, perpetual learning, and pushing the boundaries of printmaking. These three master printer all have worked with publisher David Krut in Johannesburg, South Africa and their love for printmaking and working with each other is inspiring.

[S3E5] Ander

Phil Sanders is a leading master printer based in Asheville, North Carolina with over twenty years of experience lecturing, educating, and advocating for prints and their makers. He has collaborated with celebrated artists on prints housed in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Library of Congress, among many other institutions.

Commander Chakotay and Lieutenant Junior Grade Tom Paris are sent to the planet to investigate. When they get to the town, they are soon accosted by people asking them to either buy or sell things. These people also reference "seers" and the "Sages" as they speak to them. Chakotay detects the energy signature coming from a nearby temple of sorts, but a merchant tells them they need to wear a set of 'ears' (a necklace with ear-shaped charms) and manages to get them to sell their shoes. Meanwhile, on Voyager, Ensign Kim and Lieutenant Torres confirm to Captain Janeway that the wormhole does, in fact, lead to the Alpha Quadrant, and they are working on a way to attract the entrance back to their position. 041b061a72

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