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Treasure Cocteau Twins Zip

This time around they're certainly twins, with Heggie out ofthe picture and Fraser and Guthrie pulling all the stops - him the instrumentalgenius, she the vocal culprit. Kinda like the Eurythmics, I guess, onlyin a seriously different field. Head Over Heels still suffersfrom the same problem that tortured the band's debut, though: everythingsounds the same. Well, not as much "the same", to be sure, becausethe mood scope is a little bit broadened now, with some songs actuallyfalling into the 'optimistic' camp, I guess. But you gotta understand,the 'optimistic/pessimistic' scale is not really that easily applicableto the Cocteau Twins. If you ask me, I'll say that they are tryingto communicate certain emotions, but I'll be goddamned if I know whatthese emotions are. All those guitar arrangements sound as if they werecreated in the sixth dimension or something, with an aesthetics that'ssuperficially similar to the one used by us mere mortals, in thatthe notes can actually be transcribed, but whose system of "note sequence a sp. emotion" correspondences is totally reversed.

Treasure Cocteau Twins Zip

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